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By | August 18, 2015


USA is dream destination for most of the international students throughout the world. Maybe even yours too. USA offers high quality of education and even more scholarships. Searching for scholarship is great way to finance for college. Every college in USA offer scholarships of every kind, partial to full and merit to need based. But first step to getting scholarship is applying for it. Though, we spent our entire school life in preparing for college, it is always confusing. If you are thinking to apply for scholarship in USA but confused about how. Well, it’s you lucky day little amigo. On this guide, I’ll enlighten you about application process of scholarship in USA.

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Study in USA

Whether you are thinking to apply for post-graduate or graduate process is same. Even if you are applying for doctorate, it is same somehow. Let’s break bones in steps,

Step 1: find College

Obviously, you are going to US for study not to farm. Are you?

So, first step is to find college. If you have major in mind you can find colleges which teach the major you want. Trust me, there are number of them. You can choose any of them. Find the college which provides you scholarship and is best suited for you. If you apply for college in US, which are very expensive and provide little scholarship it will be hardship to pay. Select the college that can address your needs and fulfill your requirement from the college.

If you are having trouble in selecting college, you can consult with the counselor in your high school. They can help you select best for you. Or, you can take help of Collegeboard is all about finding college and getting admission in USA.

Step 2: Prepare yourself for college

Better preparation boosts your confidence to attend scholarships and reflects your motto in your college application essay. Though, college is long shot, you have to prepare for college from high school. And best way of preparing in High School is reading and involving in college as much as you can. Your grades and involvement in college add additional points in your character.

In USA, scholarship application are incomplete without your test scores. Those tests are primarily scholarship tests like SAT and ACT hosted by Collegeboard.  If you are planning to ride to Ivy-League Schools, it is most essential criteria for application. Standard tests of English language are must for those students who have English as second language in their country.  It is most crucial for both you and college to ensure that you are proficient in English. TOFEL, IELTS and other English proficiency tests help you ensure your English language skills. Prepare for those tests from the junior school of your High school, and give your best. SAT scores determine the value of your scholarship so you better get better.

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Step 3: College Application

You can compete in scholarship without complete college application. In order to apply for scholarship, you should be first eligible to study in college. Hence, college application is most obligatory step for applying for scholarship in US universities.

Though there is no rule on how to apply for scholarship and submit application, but your college application can be great way to present yourself to college. College application must be real and professional. Along, with college application, application essay is must for all schools. Sometime you can choose any topic to write, and at other times you have to write in the prompt given by college.

Exceptional college application essay can attract the attention of anyone, so try to maintain it at your best. Also, submit all the required documents with the application. And, recheck before you submit. Submit your application, always before deadline.

Well, above steps are most crucial and important while applying in US universities. If you followed above steps correctly, college will definitely give you scholarship. Good luck with your application.



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      1. Zziwa Micheal

        Look so a scholarship in USA to study aquaculture in college

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          We don’t have any information related to scholarship programs for grade 8

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        Sir I’m looking for a Canadian scholarship for bba or economics but I don’t know how to do so??? Kindly please guide me if it is available.

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      I always look forward to hearing about your adventures and wa&82#ns17;t disappointed when I read your latest posting. I felt like I was there with you guys. Great job as usual! So somebody hire this talented lady, she has a gift.

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    thanks so much for the good work you doing to help the needy and making our dreams come true

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  2. jacklin julius tanson

    i interested in this scholarship in college of computer sceince

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    Am Omage Mabel, from nigeria a graduate of public adminstration i need a scholarship to study masters in either office management or customer care services i want to know how to go about it please, thank you.

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    I want a scholership for my gradual education after plus two. And also i am interested in home designing. I can design the homes very well. So you please help for me as early as possible.

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    I will like to a good education from the USA. I am inneed of this scholarship because I have no one to support me and I really have the desire to be educated.

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    Do you guys have any scholarship for LLB( Hons) I’m undergraduate student

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    Hey am looking for a scholarship in computer science .I have a diploma and I would like to continue with the studies.please help me and get me a college.I will be greatful .thanks and I want to be replied soon.

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    I’m Timoth Elias Msuya from Tanzania Easten Africa..I like to join study at Skagit Valley College at Mount Vernon Washington. For physical therapy. .or home nursing. ..I’m 29 years olde..Please give me a chance. .I would like working with you too

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    Hi I want to study civil engineering in the US please send me a university application form

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