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By | August 17, 2015


United States is fertile land of scholarships, there are number of scholarships available in USA for every kinds of scholarships. Though USA is the most favorite destination of students around the world, Canada is no less than that. Canada is the place with limited but fancy scholarships. Canada and Canadian Scholarships are portal for many genius students around the world to travel towards their dream. Canada provides student grants and scholarship to students worth more than $170 million every year. It means you have pretty much chance of winning scholarship.

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Study in Canada

Canadian scholarships for international students and national students are available in many universities. If you are deserving and eligible you can apply for scholarships. I have listed few graduate and undergraduate scholarships in Canada for international students. But remember they are not only scholarships in Canada.

Undergraduate Scholarships in Canada:

  • International Entrance Scholarship from Humber College

Humber College has list of many scholarships for international students. Some scholarships are either merit based or some are need based. But you must have admission letter from the college before you apply for scholarship. Deadline for scholarship is 25 March/ 5 Oct annually.

  • International Student program of York University

York University also offers both partial and full scholarships for international students. Scholarships are awarded on the first year and renewable on the basis of your credits. You must apply before 15 March in any year. You must submit admission application to University before you apply for scholarship.


  • University of British Columbia Scholarship programs

It is the most famous scholarship program among any Canadian university. UBC offers spends more than 10 million dollars every year to international student scholarship programs. University offers full scholarship to any students with outstanding academic background. It offers variety of merit based scholarships every year. Some scholarship cover all the costs of studying in Canada and rage form 700 CAD to 20,000 CAD.

You cannot directly apply for scholarship in UBC, you have to first apply for admission at UBC. If you get admission and are eligible for scholarship, you will be automatically considered for scholarship. Eligibility requirement for the UBC scholarship programs are,

  1. You must have outstanding academic performance and involvement in extracurricular activities for the welfare of society.
  2. You must be directly entering from secondary school or college, transfer students are not considered for scholarship
  3. You must apply to UBC before Jan 31.
  • Entrance Scholarships from Carleton University

Carleton University offers variety of partial scholarship from international students around the world who join Carleton University. Amount of scholarship ranges from $4000-$16000 and it does not cover all the costs of attending University. And like all the International Canadian Scholarships, you need to apply for University before you get Scholarship. You will be automatically considered for scholarship based on your academics.

Deadline for submission of application is July annually.


Graduate Scholarships in Canada:

Canada is global center of attraction for graduation and Higher level studies. It also is considered as the best option for the research studies. Unlike graduation Scholarship Programs, nature of almost all graduation Scholarships are almost same. Students with excellent outstanding academic and extracurricular background are considered for such scholarships. You need to apply before Nov to get any international graduation scholarships in Canada. Few of such scholarships are,

  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship
  • Graduate Fellowships for University of Manitoba
  • Master and Doctoral Awards form University of Waterloo
  • Student Awards: University of Calgary
  • Grants from Canadian Government for non-Canadian students.
  • Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships

So that’s all about scholarships in Canada. As, I told earlier these are not only scholarships in Canada. If you don’t find University you are going in list, don’t panic you can always check on the official website of university about the scholarships.

3 thoughts on “Canadian Scholarships

  1. Susan Gimera

    My daughter has applied and been accepted to the University of Edinburgh(scotland)…I have been frantically looking for scholarships, grants and bursaries. She is Canadian, middle class, but I cannot afford the international fees…what is their available to help her achieve her dreams.

    1. allscholarshipdotnet Post author

      Hello Susan,
      We do not have any direct information from the university of Edinburgh about the grants and scholarship programs. However, they have some grants scheme based on certain criteria.

      You can check out more details on their official website:
      Hope it would help you.

      Thank you

  2. Samuel Lucky Sirleaf

    I need a scholarship to study in the United States,can’t i get one from here please..


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