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By | August 20, 2015


When it comes to paying for college, Grants and scholarship always score top on checklist of everyone. College grants are financial add or direct cash, while scholarships are discount you get on college. And also, you can also pay by getting loan from the college but I don’t think you want to finish college with million dollars loan on your head. So, it is better not to talk about loan. Scholarships are issued by generally by colleges or scholarship funds, and they are merit based. Unlike, scholarships grants are merit based. And they are issued by federal government, government, school or any other organizations. Of all thousands of grants only few are for individual. So you have to careful while searching for grants. Grants can dramatically reduce your cost of attending college. You don’t need to repay grants, which is the best part of having grant over loan.

Grants are applied in same way as loan, only that you don’t have to repay. It covers your tuition fees, accommodation, books and any other costs. College grants are administered by IHE (Institutions of Higher education), and you can collect your money form financial aid office in college.

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Grants are issued by Federal governments as well as large companies involved in educating people. Federal grants are generally need based, though amount of grant is independent of income of your family. State governments also provide and monitor student grants, however federal government is largest provider of college grants. Other grants are merit based, they are provided by college. As a matter of fact, grants can also be sub divided into two types, merit based grants and need based grants.

Need based grants or Federal Grants

You know, I mentioned earlier than federal government is largest provider of College grants. They provide grants to students which need it. Not only that they also provide grants to different people like grants for single mother, grants for homeless and disabled people. In fact, there are lots of federal grants which you can get. Find the one which you have higher chance of getting. I have listed below all the types of federal grants, I hope any one of them will be suitable for you.

  • Pell grant: The federal Pell grant is provided to needy students. It covers all the costs of attending colleges and other minimal expenditures. Eligibility for this program is determined by the details you submit on your FAFSA application.


  • The Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant: This aid is provided to students who have exceptional need or they have absolutely no source of income. It covers all the costs of attending college, even your other expenses.


  • Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grants: If you have someone in your family who died in the war, you can apply for this grant. You will get this grant 100% if someone has died on the war during the service in army. No, I did not mean first and second world war. They are only applicable for current wars.


  • Academic Competitiveness Grants (ACG): This grant is given to student to those who are good at studies.


  • Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH): TEACH grants are provided by federal government if you agree to teach at the specific schools after you graduate. This includes teaching for at least 4 years.


Merit based Grants, State Grants and Institutional Grants

Merit based grants are provided by college or school on the basis of your performance and your scores in high school. They are similar to providing scholarship, and strictly based on the academic performance.

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State grant and Institutional Grants are simultaneously provided by State and IHE (Institutions of Higher Studies). Institutional Grants can be either strictly need based or may stay between merit based and need based. While if you qualify for state grants, you are automatically considered for it after you submit FAFSA application.

How to get College grants?

College grants provide you the pathway to our dream college, but applying for federal grants can be confusing. I have listed 7 points to improve your chances.

  1. Submit your federal applications on time.
  2. If you are applying for state grants, make sure to submit on time.
  3. Make your application clarified and easy to understand.
  4. Get help with financial aid experts in school.
  5. Maintain eligibility requirements.
  6. Show that you are unique and deserving.
  7. Provide proper documentation.

If you follow above steps correctly, and apply for college grants. A year from now, you will be partying in college.


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