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By | August 24, 2015


Though it is hardship to live in developing and underdeveloped countries, there are lots of advantages of living in such countries. First is scholarship, every year billions of dollars are spent in educating citizens of such countries and there is reserved place for students form such countries in every university. So, if you are student from developed country who is searching for scholarship, you might have been annoyed by such racist scholarships. But don’t worry, there are scholarships which are not racist. Commonwealth scholarships are the best example of such scholarships.

Commonwealth scholarship and fellowship plan provides scholarship to any students to commonwealth countries. This fellowship plan has scholarship for almost all commonwealth countries, independent of their development status. You can apply for common wealth scholarship even if you are from developed commonwealth scholarship for graduation or undergraduate degree.


Though most of commonwealth scholarships are for graduation and doctorate degrees, there are few also available for undergraduate degree. Every country which is part of commonwealth programs issues scholarship every year. But Britain and Australia are the main countries opening commonwealth scholarships. United Kingdom opens for three types of commonwealth scholarship programs,

  • Scholarship for developed commonwealth countries:

This scholarship is launched for the citizens of developed commonwealth countries. The host institution to apply for scholarship is UK University. This scholarship is only available for PhD programs and covers all the costs of study. Deadline for the application submission is December 1st of annually.

Eligibility requirements for this scholarship are:

  1. You must be citizen of developed commonwealth country, refugee living in such country or British protected person.
  2. Hold, an at least second class postgraduate degree by October of applying year.
  3. Must be available to commence their study by the spring of the next grants, scholarships


  • Scholarships for developing commonwealth countries:

This type of commonwealth scholarship were especially launched for developing commonwealth countries. No sure if your country is in list of such countries? You can check all the types of common wealth scholarships for students of developing countries.

If you are citizen of developing commonwealth country it is your lucky day, there are number of scholarships available for such countries at UK University. GO through the list to find the one that suits you,

  1. Scholarships for Master And PhD study
  2. Split-site Scholarships
  3. Shared scholarships for Master
  4. Distance learning scholarships
  5. Professional Learning Scholarships
  6. Academic scholarships and Fellowship Programs.
free graduation scholarship, free masters scholarship

Free Scholarships

You can see that common wealth scholarships are mainly available for graduate students who recently completed their undergraduate degree outside UK, or for the PhD study for those who have already graduated from their countries.

Undergraduate commonwealth scholarships are also available, but only for those who live in Falkland Islands, the Maldives, St. Helena or Seychelles. There are no commonwealth scholarships for undergraduate students who are outside such territories. But, if you want commonwealth scholarships anyway, you can apply for commonwealth scholarships in other countries.

Though main provider of commonwealth scholarship is UK, there are many other countries which provide commonwealth fellowship plans to deserving students. India, Singapore and New Zealand are the main destinations of students who are searching for commonwealth scholarships. Citizens of UK are highly encouraged to apply in New Zealand and India for the research purposes by the government of those commonwealth countries. So if you are English it is your golden day.

Anyway, you can easily apply for commonwealth scholarship from official site of Commonwealth scholarship and fellowship plan UK.

Go to from your web browser and apply any one you like.

I wish you best of luck for your scholarship.



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