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By | November 24, 2015

Unlike a decade ago, there are number of Free Scholarships for International students in almost every countries. All colleges have different admission quota and scholarship quota for both national and international students. Amount of scholarship are also significantly equal in both types of students.

If you are thinking to go across USA and Europe for studies, and you are not citizen of the respective country- you are international student. And, for your surprise there are more scholarships for international students in USA and Europe than national students. As a matter of fact, students from developing and underdeveloped countries are more prioritized for various application. However, there are also number of scholarships for students from developed countries who are moving for research studies. So, whatever your purpose and circumstances are, there is scholarship is waiting for you.scholarship search

Confused about finding scholarship? Well, you should not find it hard to search international scholarship. Technology has brought us together, you can easily know about any scholarship in any part of the world by just click of mouse. There are some places where you can visit to find out about scholarships for international students,

  • Google:

Well this is most famous for finding anything you want. And, of course you can also search for scholarship you search engine Search for international scholarships in country you like and you are good to go, Google will shoot you with number of scholarship more than you can imagine.

  • Official website of college:

Though Google is solution for every problem out there, it may sometime fail to find the personalized result for you. In those cases, you can directly visit the college you want and find out about scholarship. Just visit the scholarship Tab and find international scholarships schemes. You can find adequate information you like to achieve from the page.

If you did not find international scholarship tab, don’t worry. This does not imply that college you want to apply does not have scholarships for international students. You can email college and ask them about scholarships. There is easy way of finding email of any college, type info@collegename. For instance, if you want to email MIT you can email as This is easy as eating cheese.

  • Collegeboard:

Collegeboard is solely dedicated to help students from high school and university to go to College of their choice. It has information on almost all the colleges in United States. In fact, they pave the stones for any students who wants to go to college. No matter if they are from United States or any other part of world. You can find about any international scholarships, or instantly apply.collegeboard

Well, above are the main and authentic source of getting information about University scholarships, but you can also use any source you prefer? You can ask career counselor in your school or else.

Oh, yes. I was nearly going to forget the main important point for international students. You must know the language of the country you want to study before you go for it. Yes, language is must. If you want to study in China you must be fluent in Chinese, or if you are thinking to give a shot to USA English is must. Not only that you are also required to appear in English proficiency test like- IELTS, TOFEL and PTE. You have to maintain nice scores on those tests along with other scholarships tests.

University scholarships for international students are awesome way of funding your college. Some scholarships like Full Bright Program and American university scholarship cover all expenses of college. So, make sure you find proper scholarship and apply with proper formality.

And, as always good luck with your scholarship.


20 thoughts on “Free Scholarships for International students

  1. Abebe Bekele

    My name is abebe bekele i have been working on humaneterian organization & i would like asking you to help me to find a scholarship

    1. allscholarshipdotnet Post author

      Hello abebe,

      How can we help you ? would you be more specific about your particular field of study and the destination you are looking for !

    2. allscholarshipdotnet Post author

      Yes, How can we help you ?

      1. edwin dominic

        My name is edwin dominic
        Am looking for scholarship
        Am an international student
        Medical sciences

  2. richard boateng

    can u please help me to get a scholarship. am an undergraduate student and I want to study Bsc in pharmacist. and also I will be writing SAT on October,hope is a very good step to get a scholarship.

    1. allscholarshipdotnet Post author

      Which country are you looking for scholarship programs ? We could come up with relevant information

  3. Hellen Brefo

    Please i want to study nursing in USA or Australia. Can you help me get an undergraduate scholarship. And what procedure i am to follow.

  4. Teame

    My name is Teame Kiros from Ethiopia and I am a young man/student in the age of 27 years old.
    I have BSc in physics and MSc in Astrophysics from Ethiopian recognized public/government universities in regular program.
    My future dream will be to attend my MSc in any fields and my PhD in related fields to my previous specializations.
    Finally, what are the required documents, criteria, ilegability, admission process, deadlines and other necessary requirements to apply to the scholarship in your institution.

  5. yahya jadama

    hi .I want a scholarship to further my education abroad. my problem is that I am not financial strong. I will be really grateful if you help me to earn a scholarship.

    1. allscholarshipdotnet Post author

      Hello Yahya,

      We only serve scholarship related information’s that are publically available, please check out our website Top Menus for various information.

      Thank you

  6. Aretha

    Hi. I graduated with an IGCSE degree (I took 5 subjects, but the results will come out on August). Can you please help me find a scholarship that can accept my degree? I live in Indonesia. Thank you 🙂

  7. chandeshwar kushwaha

    We only serve schlorship information but i think it is only for formality please check our website once

    1. allscholarshipdotnet Post author

      We do provide the information related free scholarship programs around the globe.

  8. Molalgn Misge

    MY name is molalgn misge now I learn software in wollouniversty.
    I would like to ask how to find scholarship

  9. Waseelah Ibrahim

    I was best graduating student of my class in Bsc Biology, with a strong 2nd Class Upper 4.31. I wish to do my masters abroad on a fully funded scholarship for 2017/2018, I heard some scholarships are presently available. I find it hard to apply.
    Kindly help to facilitate this, thank you.


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