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By | January 13, 2016

College education was, is and always will be expensive. Not everyone can afford the High amount of fees of the University and Colleges. If you are worried about your University fees, free University Scholarships can help you out. Yes, you hear it right. You can go to college without paying a penny and finish it. Not only that you can also get money for reading in College. And you can do anything you like with that money. Well, that is something everyone would like to have, isn’t it? But how do you get such scholarships? Let’s dig it out.

free university scholarships

Though anyone can get scholarship, it’s awarded to limited number of people. People who are worthy. First, before running for scholarship like 3-years-old after lollipop you have to make sure you deserve it. Even if there are number of scholarships, they are only awarded to specific group of students. Hence, knowing your eligibility is the first step to get free scholarships. Full scholarships are lesser in number than partial scholarships, because they involve lots of money. But that does not mean that you have any less chance of winning scholarships. And also you have to search for scholarships before you rush to check your eligibility. Below I have compiled few of free scholarship schemes which you might be interested to apply for.

  • Grants

college grants, scholarships

Grant is specific amount of money provided to student to attend college or universities. Unlike scholarship, grants provide money to student and they may cover any amount of cost for attending college. They can be either college grants or federal grants. The nicest thing about grants over loan is that you don’t need to pay back. It is very easier and free to apply for free grants, both college and federal grants. To apply for grants,

  • If you are applying for federal grants, make sure you fill out Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form in time.
  • If you are applying for any specific college grants, make sure you already have admission in college. Most colleges allow applying for grants only after you get admission in college.
  • Make sure you read eligibility criteria of Grant programs.
  • Scholarships:

Most of the college scholarships do not cover all cost of attending college. But still there are number of scholarships in many colleges which cover all your costs of attending college. One of them is Full Bright Scholarship Program. Full Bright Program covers all the cost of attending college including accommodation, living expenses and costs of your educational materials. Which is pretty cool!

If you are planning to apply for such programs and scholarships, make sure are very Bright. Only best of the best students get such scholarships. Prepare for full bright schemes by doing best in your University, at anything you like. Or you can,

  • Score as much as you can on Standards scholarship tests, like Standardized Aptitude Test (SAT) and other tests.
  • Try to maintain best grades in High School, it would be nice if you have alien scores.
  • Write the best application essay for scholarship ever written.
  • Show something that only you can deliver to college.
  • Sponsorship’s

Getting sponsor is the best alternative among any way of getting money for college. This is most safe and easier method to get scholarship, yet very difficult. What? How something can be easy and difficult at the same time. Well, it’s easy in the sense that you don’t have to give any tests and go through competition to get sponsorship for college, but you hardly get sponsors these days.

Though selfless sponsors have become very rare species, you can still find one for you. If you are curious about me, I am still searching for sponsor.

If you want sponsorship’s, you can visit any local organization and ask them for any sponsorship programs they are conducting. Most of organization have such programs. I am sure you will get one. Or, you can ask the company you are working for to sponsor you. Though I know you are the best person for company sponsorship, you have to show them you are worth it.

PS: You can go further into finding free university scholarship by visiting University you want to attend. Good luck with your scholarship.



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  1. Zeleke Keba

    Hello Dears,
    I want to apply full free scholarship in your Campus.
    I have B.Sc. In IT education.If there is free full scholarish please contact me through my private E-mail address(
    zeleke Keba

    1. allscholarshipdotnet Post author

      Hello Zeleke,

      We only provide information regarding scholarship programs. Could you tell us which country you are looking for further studies ?

      Thank you

  2. maru kindie

    Hello Dear/Madam,
    My name is Maru Kindie from Ethiopia, have BA Degree in Economics with distinction. Please help me to get free full funded scholarship in Business and Economics or related program of studies in Australia or any other countries. is my private mail address for contact
    Truly yours,
    maru k.

    1. allscholarshipdotnet Post author

      Please go through the article for detailed information


    good morning all of you . I need a scholarship for my uper education plzzz i need this i am so poor this is my hartest request to plzzz grant me a scholarship

  4. kyaw zin

    my name is kyaw zin from myanmar , rohingya.
    i want to study engineering subject.pls help.


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