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By | September 24, 2015


“Latinos are worth it”- that’s what Tim Hanlon said at the launch of Hispanic Scholarship fund. Hispanic Scholarship fund have been empowering all the Hispanic communities to go to college. All thanks to HSF. Hispanic community, mainly known for their friendly nature, have now reached to the tops of intellectual heights. This program is helping all of our little amigos in high school to go to college. If you are in high school and worried about college. Do you find it painful to watch your parents worrying about money to send you to college? If so, this is time to put off those worries and apply for HSF. Know that you don’t have to do that alone, all that college mess and fees. This is where your Latino roots really help you do it. Only Latino community can apply for Hispanic grants. But this does not mean you have to be of Latino race, you can be of any race. But applicants must of one third Hispanic to be eligible to apply. Don’t think I am racist but you don’t have to worry about an Asian winning your scholarship in HSF.hsf

But, Hispanic funds are not for all the Latino. Though every Hispanic people are free to apply for Hispanic grants, you must be deserving to get it. So, how can you deserve it? Well, apply and before applying check if you are eligible to apply or not. There are few criteria which you need to fulfill to apply for Hispanic Scholarship Programs.

Eligibility requirements for Hispanic Scholarship Fund:

  • You must belong to Hispanic heritage.
  • If you are applying for High School Grant, you must have average of 3.0 GPA on 4.0 scale.
  • If you applying for College, GPA of 2.5 on 4.0 scale is must.
  • You must be legal US citizen, Permanent resident or Legal Non-US resident (as defined by FAFSA).
  • Complete FAFSA

Well, if you think you satisfy all the requirements of Hispanic scholarship fund, you can apply. There are number of scholarship programs with HSF, you can apply to multiple programs. But, if you are only going to get one. However, you may receive student scholar award by organization if you do something worthwhile after you get scholarship fund. You can get extra money with this award.  Hispanic scholarship programs also offer you programs to transfer from community college to any college you want. If you are currently attending community college because of money then HSF transfer programmers can help you go to college of our choice.

college scholarship, university scholarship

Scholarship for college students

Hispanic Scholarship funds are the pathways to your dream college. It has successfully helped so many Latinos achieve their dream. It can do the same for you. Applications for Hispanic Scholarship opens on January 1st and dues to March 30 of year. You will have sufficient time to prepare and apply for scholarship.

If you planning to apply for Hispanic scholarships, first thing to keep in mind is to study. Good grades of high school can get you scholarship. Also, remember to properly write and submit application before deadline. Application essay plays very important role for getting scholarship, keep it original and clear.

Hispanic scholarship is better known for offering various scholarships. Thinking about going to Ivy League schools? Committed to Stanford or MIT? Do not worry for fund. HSF offers scholarship such as Gates Millennium Scholarships which provide you enough fund to go to such expensive college.

engineering scholarship, graduation scholarship

Engineering Scholarship

HSF is very smart choice for any Hispanic trying to get into college. If you are worried about getting into college, stop worrying and start acting. Those unsung heroes which supported and donated for HSF are there for you to turn your dream into reality.

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