Humber College International Entrance Scholarships

By | February 1, 2016


Canada is a lovely place to both study and stay. In a global market, canadian education is regarded as remarkable education system and country itself is high tech and civilised. If you think same, then get ready to pack your bags because Humber College in Toronto Canada offers significant scholarships for international students. Humber College offers scholarships especially to undergrad students who want to pursue their college education in Humber College in the year of 2016.

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Where should/can you study?

You will be studying at the Humber College in beautiful city of Toronto, Canada.


What can you study?

Humber College offers remarkable number of courses for undergrads, you can select any course(embed link) available for undergraduate in college.


Who are the targeted audience for the scholarship?

Any international students who plan to study in Canada are target student for the Humber International Entrance Scholarships.


What is the total amount of scholarships/awards?

Humber college offer very handsome scholarship to undergraduate scholarships. However, for now there are tow full tuition scholarships available for September 2016 and two other $5000 scholarship for other two. As for the January 2017 there is one full tuition scholarship available and two $5000 scholarship. Additionally, there are 8 other $1000 scholarships seats available too. Though $1000 does not sound much but it can help you get your study materials. Nice, right?

Scholarships of the Humber College are renewable. Meaning, if you get scholarship for the first semester you are more likely to get it in the next year too. But, you must meet the criteria of the college in order to continue it. As, for Humber undergrads they must get at least 75% in exams to keep the scholarships with themselves.


What are eligibility criteria for scholarship?

Well, the scholarship criteria is not different and difficult than any other college. To be awarded with Humber College Entrance Scholarship for International students, you must meet following criteria,

  • You must be an international student who is willing to study in Canada and Humber College
  • You must apply and fill the college application form of Humbert College,
  • You must have permission to study in Canada
  • You might be judged on your academics, extracurricular and other stuffs you did in high School. So, it is always better idea to apply if you have good grades. Even though, you can apply inspite your grades.


What is the application process required for the scholarship?

To get the scholarship, you must have permission to study in college in first place. So, you need to apply for the admission in the Humber College before you can apply for scholarship. However, you don’t need to submit two different applications at different time. You can submit both application at the same time, as you will also be provided with scholarship application forms as you apply for admissions.


You need to apply before 20 May 2015 for September 2016 and 30 September 2015 for January 2017 sessions.


Where and how can you contact the College/University?

It is very important that you contact the college for the updated information. Despite, our best efforts, you will also find change there.

You can contact Humber College for more information from College website…

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  1. Maada Charles Bayoh

    Hi, its a wonderful programme that I would to be part of.


    am an information technology Graduante at Ndejje university Uganda
    i would like to upgrade my studies in Humber college international

  3. Kanza Shafi

    Hello ! I m from Pakistan
    It’s my dream to study in Humber college


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