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By | January 17, 2016

Scholarships are wonderful way of pursuing education for those who cannot afford to pay luxurious amount. Good thing is there are number scholarships these days. You can get scholarship for anything you have, soccer skills, grades, SAT scores or anything else. Moreover, number of university scholarships are increasing every year. If I try to make lists of scholarships programs 2016, which are available I will have to write book- very big book.

Despite the fact that there are number of scholarships, most of them are targeted for specific group, qualifications or etc. etc. You cannot apply in all the scholarships available out there. You need to fulfill criteria, which is most cases you don’t. But, there are few scholarships which are available to all the students throughout the world. They are open to any students having any qualification or criteria. Below is the list top ten open international scholarships of 2016,

list of Scholarships in 2016, scholarship programs in 2016

  1. ICSP scholarships (International Cultural Service Program)-USA

ICSP scholarships are generally scholarships which cover the tuition fees and awarded by ICSP at University of Oregon. Tuition waver ranges from $9k-$27k, and you have to complete 80 hours of cultural series per year.


  1. Global Scholars Program from Clark University-USA

Offered by Clark University, this scholarship is on eof the most amazing scholarship. To be eligible you must be completing your whole secondary school outside US, and submit application before Jan 15 2016.


  1. International Leader of tomorrow award from UBC- Canada

This is scholarship offered by University of British Columbia to student who has very strong leadership skill and potential. You must have permission to study at UBC to be considered for scholarship. You don’t need to apply for scholarship.


  1. International entrance Scholarship By Humber College-Canada

Humber College Canada also offers partial and full tuition waivers to international students with strong academic background and demonstrated financial need. You should first apply to study at Humber College to be considered for scholarship. Application deadline is 5 Oct 2016.

  1. ANU international Scholarships– Australia

ANU (Australian National University) offers scholarships for undergraduate students who want to study at ANU for any full time course. Students having very brilliant strong academic background are automatically considered for the scholarship programs after you enroll in University.


  1. Undergraduate scholarships at University College London-UK

University College London offers scholarships to undergraduate student called Dennys Holland Scholarship. Scholarship covers partial tuition fees of the students who are attending University College. Applicants must have offer to study at UCL before applying for scholarship. And apply before 10 July 2015.


  1. International Scholarships at Sheffield Hallam University-UK

Also known as Transform Together Scholarship, this scholarship covers the cost of attending college at Sheffield Hallam University. This scholarship is entirely targeted to students who are not UK citizens. Alike any other British scholarship you must hold offer to study at University before you are considered for scholarship.


  1. International Student Grant at Bologna University- Italy

Bologna University covers the cost of attending University through Student grants. Highly deserving international students are awarded and it equals to 11500 euros per year.


  1. Full fee Scholarships for International Students at Westminster University- UK

The Westminster University UK offers full tuition fee waiver to student who deserve it. Student must have demonstrated financial need and hold offer to study Master’s degree from University. Deadline to apply for university is 16 Oct 2015.

  1. Full scholarship form Université Paris-Saclay

Université Paris-Saclay offers full scholarship to any individual who is highly qualified and who would like to complete Master’s degree from University. Scholarship covers all the costs of attending college, and even travel expenses. About 10 thousand euros are awarded each year as scholarship and about thousand euros are given as travel expenses. Application deadline for scholarship is 17 May 2015.

study overseas, study abroad scholarships

Study Abroad

So, you guys now might have idea about available scholarships for you. You can apply in any of them to start your course from 2016.

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