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By | January 27, 2016

Australia is an awesome place to pursue your higher education. If you feel like Australia is the place you want to go for study. You might wanna consider Monash University. Monash University is very nice place to study and offers many scholarships to international students. York University offers merit scholarships to international students who have outstanding academic bio. However, it does not mean you can not get scholarships at Monash University, you sure can. If you are interested to apply in Monash for international scholarships, below is the extra information you might need.

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Where can you study?

You will study at Monash University in Australia.

What are the courses you can study at Monash University?

You can study any full time or part time course offered at Monash University.

Who are targeted students?

Any international students can apply at Monash University Merit Scholarships for International Students.

What is the total number of awards or scholarships?

Monash University offers 31 awards and scholarships to international students.

What is total amount of scholarship?

You will be offered about $10,000 for the full time course of 48 credit points. If you take course in the Monash University. Well, that will be about $50,000 for the five year course. You may be also asked to participate in promotional programs of the University after you receive scholarship.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for scholarship?

To get merit scholarship for international student at Monash University you must meet following conditions,

  • You must an international student student.
  • You must have offer of studying at Monash University for a full time course and should posses permission to study in Australia.
  • You must show outstanding academic record and demonstrate your worthiness for the scholarship.

How do you apply for scholarship?

You can apply for the scholarship from the official page of Monash University (link below). However, before you apply for scholarship you must have permission to study full time undergraduate or graduate course at Monash University. Also, you must submit all your documents and application form to University before 15 January 2016. And, you need to submit an extra application form for the scholarship demonstrating your need for the scholarship.

Where and How can you contact University?

You can contact Monash University from Official website of Monash University. Link to website is

Here you can also find all the information we mentioned above. It is important for you to visit the page for the updated information in case we missed anything.

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