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By | May 19, 2016

Are you planning to study nursing? Is nursing your ultimate career goal? Do you want to pursue nursing study from highly reputed colleges / universities across the globe? However, due to the skyrocketing nursing course fees structure, are you ruminating to desist from pursuing nursing? If so, then I would like to give you an insight about the nursing scholarships. Yes, you read it right, if high fees structured have been preventing you from getting enrolled in nursing program- then follow my great suggestion: Apply for nursing scholarships.

nursing scholarships, medical scholarship

Nursing Scholarship

On the other hand, are you one of those who already have knowledge about nursing scholarships? Yet, not applying for the nursing scholarships because you don’t know about the colleges / universities that would grant the nursing scholarships. No worries! As in this article, I am going to mention about all the top notch colleges and universities that presents the nursing scholarships.

Nursing scholarships

Similar to various other courses, Nursing scholarships are also readily offered by different colleges and universities across the globe. Likewise, these colleges and universities also provide nursing scholarships for various course levels. Now, to make your findings for the scholarships easy, I will divide the nursing scholarships courses on different categories. Starting from the:

Nursing scholarships for international students

Faran Educational Trust Scholarships for Foreign Students in India

One of the most trusted institutions, Faran Group offers scholarships in different fields for foreign students. So, if you earned high grades in the fields of Nursing, Accounting, Management, then you can outright apply for the Faran Educational Trust Scholarship. The institutions provide the scholarship worth 1500$ to 2000$, 35% of entire tuition fee. The scholarship can be taken at India. In addition, to apply for the scholarship, you should either apply online through filliping up the enquiry form or head to their overseas offices in the respective country.


  • Country Health SA Local Health Network Undergraduate Scholarships in South Australia

If you are a full time student or foreigner then Country Health SA Local Health Network (CHSALHN) is awarding the undergraduate scholarships in fields such as Nursing and Physiotherapy. These scholarships are available to the students who want to pursue undergraduate degree program. For your undergraduate, $5,000 per year in two half payments of $2,500 for up to 4 years study under the Scholarship rewards. To apply, you can fill up the online form via its website.



  • Postgraduate Scholarship at MAHSA University in Malaysia

Malaysian University, MAHSA offers the qualified and both local & international students with postgraduate scholarships. The scholarships are available for different programs such as MBA, Master of Nursing, PhD in Nursing etc. MAHSA renders the scholarships considering some major factors. These being: academic results, English proficiency in writing, reading and communication. To apply, you need to send the letter of motivation, resume / CV, Master’s Degree transcripts, one page abstract of your Master’s / PHD thesis in English via email. Email:



  • HRSA NURSE Corps Scholarship Program in USA

HRSA NURSE Crops invites the students enrolled or enrolling in diploma or graduate nursing programs for NURSE Corps Scholarship program. NURSE Corps are awarding the nursing scholarships for both the US and international students. NURSE Corps Scholarship will pay each full-time student a monthly amount of $1,315.00. Besides, HRSA also provides the scholarship for courses like associate, diploma, baccalaureate etc. Aspiring scholarship applicants can apply via online.



  • Jacksonville University Nursing Scholarships in USA

Likewise, Nursing Scholarships is also offered by Jacksonville University for nurses aspired to complete their bachelor’s degree online. The University will award one scholarship per session which is a total of six per year. Selected student will be offered $3,575 grant for all JU online RN to BSN nursing courses. Applicants can apply for the scholarship through post. And, they have to include some components. Applicants need to submit a 300-word essay on the topic: You are at the end of your nursing career and you are writing your autobiography. Please describe how earning a BSN degree made a difference for you.

US & Canadian Nursing Scholarships

scholarship program for women, nursing scholarships

Scholarship for Women

United States

  • American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN): AACN Offers Continuing Professional Development Scholarships to the applicants based on their achievements in specific academic courses.
  • Northern Illinois University: The University offers the scholarships to study nursing. However, only admitted nursing majors are eligible for the scholarships.
  • American Assembly for Men in Nursing Foundation: The Nursing Foundation provides the nursing scholarships to the male students. One of the foremost male nursing scholarships offers US$1,000 grants to male students pursuing nursing education programs.
  • National Black Nurses Association (NBNA): Scholarship awards ranging from US$1,000 to $5,000 is offered for the students of NBNA members or local chapter members. And, the members have to be enrolled in an undergraduate nursing program. In addition, the members also need to have at least one full year of study remaining.
  • A Nurse I am Scholarship by Cherokee Uniforms: Cherokee Uniforms offers the nursing scholarships awards up to 10 scholarships. The scholarship is awarded worth US$2,000.


  • University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI): All the full time first year students in the nursing program will be awarded CA$1,000 by both The Audrey J. Tinney Nursing Scholarship and the Marilyn Buist Entrance Scholarship.
  • University of Alberta: The scholarship is awarded by The Isobel Secord Memorial Dean’s Entrance Citation in Nursing and the University Hospital Foundation Ruth A. Van Dusen Dean’s Entrance Citation in Nursing. Each awards on the basis of academic performance CA$8,000-10,000 for four years to students entering an undergraduate degree program in nursing at the university.
  • Montfort Hospital: For those studying nursing in French is offered CA$6,000 by Six Montfort Clinical Excellence Scholarships. Applicants must to have outstanding academic record. Furthermore, one has to be registered in a baccalaureate nursing program at an Ontario university.

Well, these are the colleges and universities across the globe that provides the nursing scholarships to the aspiring nursing students. Thus, you can go through one of these colleges / universities to apply for the scholarship program.

Likewise, as I have mentioned within the article that most of the university requires you to fill out the nursing scholarships application form online. Thus, if you are having confusion on filling the nursing scholarships application form. Then, to get you out of the difficulty, here I will help you with that. Just follow the below steps carefully.

How to fill up the Nursing Scholarships Form

Filing out the form depends upon the universities online form. However, here I am going to help you filling the application form provided by the highly reputed online resource for nursing students, Nursing Schools Almanac. The nursing schools almanac has the scholarships form attached in their site to aid the aspiring nursing to get along with the form.

Here’s how you can fill out the Aspiring Nursing Scholarships 2016 Form of Nursing Schools Almanac.

  1. Firstly you will need to head to its website. The link to the site website is You can either type the website name in your web browser address bar or simply copy the link and paste to the address bar. After you do that simply hit the enter button in your keyboard or select go.
  2. After that, your web browser you will take you to the page where you will see the application form.  Now, let me help you fill up the application form. At first you will see the applicant name where you will need to enter your name. Then, enter your email address in the email address section. Make sure you put the genuine email address because the college might take your email address to be in touch with you. Following to it enter your street address, city, state, zip code, and mobile phone. Then after enter which high school do you currently attend in the specific box. Likewise, answer the questions like What is your unweighted high school GPA?, which type of nursing program (e.g., LPN / LVN, ADN, BSN) will you pursue?, What science and math courses have you taken to prepare?, and To which colleges have you applied? Please list your top choice first.
  3. After you answer these questions, you will need to answer the final question where you will need to answer in 500 words regarding why you’re passionate about joining the nursing profession and how you will use your nursing education to enrich others’ healthcare.
  4. At the final step, click the submit button. The submit button can be seen inside the blue square box.

Nevertheless, these are all about the nursing scholarships available around the world, and the steps to fill up the nursing scholarships form. Please mention in the comment box if you have some queries regarding the article or scholarships of nursing.



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