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By | October 3, 2015

There are only few things which cannot be done on the web. Internet has already created surreal world for us where everything that we wish can come true with technology. Unlike real world, this surreal world has made us part of something virtual, awesome and greater. Posting pictures are things of past. You now can get real stuffs done with internet; getting college degree, getting online scholarship and appearing in online scholarships exams.

Truly, I feel blessed to have access to internet. It has taken our creativity to whole new level. Don’t you find it’s so freaking awesome that we can give online exams and get real scholarships?apply for scholarships

Online scholarships are prevailing and lavishing over internet these days. And with number of such scholarship and students applying for them. There has been significant increase in qualification criteria. That’s when online scholarship exams came into action. And every day more than 5 new scholarships tests are added on the internet. PTE and other tests are example of revolution in such scholastic tests. By the time you will be reading this you that number will be even more.

Here in this guide, I will be making you enlightened about where to give online scholarship tests and how to prepare for online scholarship exam.

Step 1: Where to find online scholarship exams?

There are number of online scholarship tests. Some require fee for registration while some are free. Be aware that there are also lots of scams which are trying to get you on trap. These people are potential hackers, which can use your credit card information to hack into your bank account and steal your money.

Visiting well known sites for conducting such exams is always good idea. If you are still perplexed and afraid about idea of giving online exam, you can register online but give paper based exam. SAT and ACT, are scholarship exams for which you can register online and still give paper based for scholarships,start your search

Visit sites which give real scholarships than those which promise one. Research about the company or association conducting such exams. Do not attend scholarships exams which are too tough for you, it never good idea to fail on something. If test requires money for registration, ask them about benefit you are getting for paying. Those who have surrealistic promises are the one which do not act on their promises. Be aware of such people.

These are few online scholarships test which you can appear, and are trusted by many people throughout the world,

  1. : Scholarship test for those students who have ‘O’ level or ‘A’ level certificate.
  2. : Provides information scholarships and conducts model tests for exams.
  3. : Also known as Nationwide Scholarship Test, conducts scholarship tests to place in college.
  4. : Only model tests for real scholarship exams.

Note: There are many other online exams available. You can check them out if you like. The links that I posted here are the trusted sources I found.

Step 2: How to prepare for scholarship exams online?

Preparing for online exams is very easy. You have to prepare as you will prepare for any other scholarship exams. Below are few pointer which can help you,

  1. Study a lot.
  2. Give lots of online scholarship model tests before appearing in actual test.
  • Do not change tabs or windows of browser when you are in exam. This will disqualify you.
  1. Do not use book to find answers. Though it seems books can help you to find answers, they are very time consuming.
  2. Make sure you have good and reliable internet connection.
  3. Prepare by asking help from someone who has already spread in such online scholarship programs.
  • Score as much as you can.

Following above pointers can really win you scholarship. And as always, Good luck.


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  1. Denis Saunders

    HI, if I felt that none of the existing scholarship exams were appropriate – how would I go about developing new ones? Do you know if any organisation is doing this? Many thanks in advance. Anon.


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