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By | October 5, 2015

Internet is most enticing invention ever made. It is great. We are on the verge of something really wonderful, and internet can virtually help us with anything. From using Facebook to sending memes to your friends in WhatsApp is just one side of internet. With internet, we can have world of music at our finger tips, upload lame picture of fat cat on Instagram, connect with people all over the world, shop anything we like, finish whole new course and apply for online scholarships. All this without leaving desk, isn’t that great?

Internet has brought world to whole to new level. It has also revolutionized education. Education has become more productive and accessible to almost anyone through online education. Along with increase in education industry, there has been significant increase in online scholarship. Now you can apply in any University on any part of the world. Moreover, you can even find a way to pay for college.Scholarship icon_2

If we look it from ten years back, it all seems like a sweet dream. But it’s not that you cannot do this. Such scholarship programs are for almost anyone, and accessible too. Of course along with great number of scholarships there are many scholarship scammers to loot your money.

I personally love the idea of online scholarship and online degrees. So, I have made this guide to help you through applying and winning online scholarships. So, let’s move to first step of your goal.

Step 1: Search for legitimate Scholarship

Internet is gift, but accompanied by flaws and myths. Along with number of awesome online scholarships, there are plenty of scammers ready to trap you. Such scammers have taken forgery to whole new level. They have their own agenda, website and companies advertising fake scholarships. So how do we find out if scholarship is legitimate or fraud?

Know the basics of scholarship scams, what are the tricks and signs they use to lure you. Do not go through scholarship website that are not official. If you are searching for any specific scholarship do not go to any other site rather than official website of scholarship. Though such fake websites offer very enticing amount, but they are honey potting you into their traps.stay alret sign

If scholarship provider is offering that seems too good, be aware my friend. Thou shalt not proceed. And also, if any scholarship is promising you to offer large amount of scholarship but asks your credit card or bank information, it is red alert. No any real online scholarship ask for credit card information, neither have they asked money. One great way to save yourself from scholarship scams is using official scholarship search engine; like Collegeboard has helped lot of students in their quest of finding scholarships. You are safe when you use collegeboard.

Step 2: Apply

Well, it’s same for any scholarships. You have to ask to get it, isn’t it?

Unlike paper based applications applying online for scholarship is very easy. It is an amazing experience. Just imagine you winning scholarship worth thousands of dollars without spending a sheet of paper, including money. But you ought to be careful while applying.

apply for scholarships

Many online scholarship application forms provide services to save and complete form, but some do not. So, it’s better idea to prepare documents before you submit an application; especially for scholarship which require scholarship essays.

Make sure you run your application through proper spellchecker and grammar checker. There is plentiful of them online. Also, ask someone else to check your application before you press submit button. Though you do not get scholarship online for penmanship, but you can be rejected for bad grammar and spell.

So, apply properly and win scholarship.


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