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By | September 3, 2015


School has been definitely the best period of your life, it is for everyone. There were no any worries of scholarship applications, grades and the job which you are going to get after completion of studies. School was obviously whole lot of fun, wasn’t it guys? And high school was more about partying than reading. But, college it seems a whole lot of work and reading. And most of all getting into college itself seems really scary. But it is not as you think it is.Scholarship icon_2

College is the most crucial period of your life, which will decide your career later in life. Also, the amount of money or fame you are going to get. But there are many confusions and problems in getting into the college. Main problem is money for college fees. Choosing major and choice of college come a lot later after you have money to go to college. College costs are much higher than that of school, they cost you thousands of dollars Amount of money you will be spending on college will exceed the total amount of money you spent in entire school life. And money is what decides everything for you when it comes to getting into college. Money, technically is not problem if your parents are rich enough to afford any college or school you want. But, at the same time it can be the main problem if they don’t. But there is no problem without solution, is there? That is how god created universe, or whoever you believe did. College scholarships can solve the problem of money and everything else for you. You can do the scholarship search for the school you want to enroll, apply and get it. But is it that simple? Well, why don’t we find out?scholarship search

Every college in the world has scholarship schemes for the deserving students. But colleges are not going to give you money so easily, there are also criteria for the scholarship. Anyone who deserves and fulfills the criteria set by scholarships application can get scholarships. It’s that simple. But don’t get confused I did not say it is easy. There is no such thing as easy scholarships. All scholarships are hard to get, and your chances of getting depends upon whether you deserve it or not. Luckily, there are lots of scholarships programs for every types of students. If you much of cool sports guy, you should apply for sports scholarships. But if you happen to be geeky nerd, there are lots of scholarships according to your grades in high school. There is huge list of scholarships categories, and if you are thinking to apply in any college in US. You can choose from pool of 2.7 million scholarships worth more than $19 billion. Well, that is lot. It means you have the one waiting for for scholarships,start your search

No college is going to give you scholarship if just submit them your name and ask for scholarship. Scholarship application plays very vital role to determine, if you are going to get scholarships or not. Appealing application with good test scores always wins scholarships. Test scores? Well, if you are going to apply for any scholarships in US, you should go through College Board. College Board helps millions of students to find their right choices, and also conducts tests to decide how much they deserve it. Those tests are SAT (Standardized Aptitude Test), ACT (American College Test) and AP (Advance Placement) exams. You must go through any of those tests to get scholarships, though they are not compulsory for all college. Good SAT scores can help your application look fancy and more deserving.

Another important factor in deciding your need for scholarship is your college application essay. It can show college why you need scholarship more than any one and why do you deserve it. You can show what you are and what you are capable of in your essay. So, better make it real.

Finding scholarship is very simple. Dig out the one that is best fit for you, and apply for it. None can stop you from getting the scholarship you deserve.

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  1. Suzy

    Hey, I think your website might be having browser coltitibimapy issues. When I look at your blog in Chrome, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, awesome blog!

    1. allscholarshipdotnet Post author

      Thank you for informing us. We will work on that soon.

  2. Fatoumatta S Camara

    Hello there,I’m a high school graduate looking for a scholarship to further my eduacation.I will very glad if I am granted one.


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