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By | September 23, 2015


You might have heard of those people who did not get scholarship despite their stellar grades and test scores.  But why? What is that another thing that determines your potential for scholarship? Scholarship essay, really? Yes, scholarship essays are the main thing that college look at before providing scholarship. But why college look over scores for just bunch of words scrambled together? And how do we write essay that can win scholarship? If these questions are making you nuts, I am here to help you. Let’s demystify analogy of scholarship essay.

Scholarship essay are important because……………………

There are lots of scholarship available out there in the world. World of college of course. But number of applicant is always higher than number of scholarship available. So, every college receive lot of applications for scholarship. But, colleges cannot give scholarship to all the students and they have to find the one who deserves scholarship. Problems is there are lots of student who get pretty nice scores. So, they designed scholarship applications to find right person. Scholarship application is chance for you to express yourself, what you are and what you can be. So, if you stand out of crowd in your scholarship application essay, you will for cent percent get scholarship. It shows who is real you and all your potentials. When college reads your scholarship application essay they will have to find the reason for them to provide you scholarship. That’s is why they can sometime overlook over scores. You got 4.0 GPA and scored perfect score in tests, but you wrote crappy essay- there is very less chance that you are going to get scholarship.scholarship search

Ok. Write lets write the essay that stands out,

Standing out of crowd is never easier though it is very simple. Think differently and write beautifully, your essay can top the alien scores.

Before going for writing you need to properly understand what scholarship essay is and what is it searching for? Colleges give different scholarship essay prompts to write. Those prompts can be any general topic or circumstances you may run into. They want to find out, how you react to such conditions and solve them. They are always searching for something new, something that is peculiar from the rest of the probably. No, not Martians! This different must be something that is useful to them too. For instance, if essay prompt is the most important journey of your life, what will you write? According to different from ideology, you can write about your trip to mars, it will be quite different. But this won’t be real, you will be dispatched to mental hospital afterwards. So, show the real you in the essay.Scholarship icon_2

If you are confused by bricks of words, follow the following steps to write the essay that really stands out. Of course, in positive way.

  • Know your Audience:

Although we are trying to figure out how to write, it’s important to whom you are writing before beginning to write. Its crucial part of any writing to understand the audience and every aspect of the prompt. Understand scholarship essay question properly and do little research about the college. You can begin after you have sufficient information.


  • Be real:

College are trying to find someone honest. They are looking for what you are than what you show them. Show real part of you and be honest. Honesty can always win though it seems difficult. Do not write something you cannot prove about you.


  • Be formal:

It is very good idea to keep reader entertained in your essay, but do not make your essay look funny. If you are writing scholarship essay about yourself, do not raise questions to reader. Avoid the use of puns and quotations. Write what you know than what someone said. It is much worn out idea.


  • Read a lot and find editor:

The secret of better writing is lot of reading. If you read a lot before reading, you will not only improve your vocabulary but also get faint idea about what to write. Do not copy the style of writer you just read, find your own voice.

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Apply for Scholarship

Also, find an editor to check before you submit your essay.

That’s it guys. I hope now you are prepared to win scholarship application contests. All the best.


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