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By | August 16, 2015

Scholarships are financial aid or monetary assistance provided to the students by the university itself or various organizations contributing to the welfare of students. There are different types of scholarships based on the merits, study courses, scholarships for certain ethnic groups and so on. Students can directly apply for the scholarships available at the particular university by applying with a hand – filled application form for college scholarships. However, there is another easy alternative, students can simply apply for scholarships online on various scholarship websites.logo

Here is a list of some of the best scholarship websites. The list isn’t in any specific order and has been categorized based on the varieties of scholarships offered by these college scholarships websites and the success rate.

  • Fastweb
    Fastweb is one of the most popular websites which lets the users browse through an immense database of available scholarships for college students. Users need to register with the website to determine their eligibility for scholarships. Additionally, all registered users can also use freely available learning tools and career planning services on the fastweb website. Occasionally, fastweb offers various contests to provide further support to students with additional grants.
  • offers a fun and interactive platform for students where students will get the opportunity to rightly win the aid programs. This scholarship website for college students provides a feature where students can earn points once registered by taking part in activities like reading blogs, taking quizzes, online games etc. and more the points higher the chances of winning scholarships. Also, grant money is offered on the lottery based system from time to time.
  • Cappex
    Cappex is regarded as one of the top scholarship website available at present. They have millions of dollars in scholarships and offer scholarships on large number of categories. Some of the most reputed universities offer aid through Capex.
    This scholarship website is a time saver, life saver if I might dare say. not only helps you find the scholarships you are eligible for, but does a step further and helps you choose the best college for you. You can use your personal details to figure out the best scholarship and university for you based on the details like your major, location year in school and so on. Also, writing a simple essay could win you up to $1500 in grants.

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