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By | October 8, 2015

Though engineering is old career, it is yet considered as the brightest and safe career choice. More than million students every year, enroll in engineering programs. But choosing engineering major is not cheaper, it requires tremendous financial effort to make it to the end. Some universities which are considered as best charge more than $50k per year. And those which are considered as mediocre are also no less than $20k per year. Oh yeah, this is lot of money. That is the reason scholarship were created. Though the cost of attending engineering college is very high, there are lots of ways to finance it. Yes, there are number of scholarships for engineering students.

Engineering is tough major. If you find it boring to solve equations which look like Chinese, there you should not go for engineering. And, if you’re GPA seen to be against you-you are not going to get scholarships. Most of the engineering scholarships are merit based, though few of them are found to be need based. But need based scholarships are only awarded after admission, and you need to have outstanding background of academics for admission in engineering college.

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Engineering Scholarship

Engineering students are designers of the future and world knows it. Hence, there are scholarships for engineering students almost everywhere. Below is the list of engineering scholarships for international students throughout the world-

Asian Scholarships for engineering students


  • Kochi University of Technology Scholarships
  • Waseda University Scholarships


  • Undergraduate Scholarships at Nanyang Technological University


  • Malaysia International Fellowships programs for international Students

European Scholarships for engineering students


  • Arkwright Scholarships at University of UK
  • Awards and Scholarships at Institution of Engineering and Technology
  • Scholarships for Mechanical Engineering from Institution of Mechanical Engineering
  • Imperial Thermo Fisher Scholarships
  • National Instrument engineering Scholarships
  • Engineering Scholarships at Queen Mary University of London
  • University of Strathclyde Scholarships for engineering

North- American engineering scholarships


  • Full bright Students Program for Masters
  • Ford Motor Company Tribal Scholars Program
  • Fellowships from Institute of Industrial Engineers
  • Fellowship programs from National GEM Consortium
  • NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers)
  • NASA Space Grant
  • SWE (Society of Women Engineers) scholarships
  • ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers) Scholarships
  • Engineer’s foundation of Ohio Scholarships
  • IIE (institute of Industrial Engineers) scholarships and fellowships
  • ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) fellowships programs
  • SHPE (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers) Scholarships

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    Study in USA

Australian Scholarships for international students

  • Curtin University Scholarships for engineering students
  • Curtin University Scholarship for international engineering students


So, guys they are the main scholarships available for engineering student throughout the world. Despite these scholarships, there are other scholarships schemes in different university you can check out by visiting the official website of University. Asking career counselors at your High school can also prove as fruitful.

If you are applying for any of the scholarship above make sure you are prepared properly. Better preparation is key to success.

Best way to prepare for engineering scholarship programs is to preparing yourself in High School. Be sure you read Math and Physics with proper attention and interest. You can prepare for engineering scholarships by,

  • Taking SAT (Standardized Aptitude Test) subject tests of physics and math, many Universities in United States require SAT subject test.
  • Appear in English Language test if you are international student and belong to non-English speaking nation.
  • Getting better score at SAT.
  • Try to maintain good grades in high school.
  • Writing excellent scholarship essay. And also, keep it real and simple.

Obviously getting scholarship for engineering requires effort and patience, but it is worth effort. Engineering is most prestigious career with lots of branches and choices, though it is traditional. So, apply with effort and care. You are going to get scholarship, I believe in you.











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