Scholarships for High School Students

By | September 20, 2015


Last year of high school can be both fun and depressing for anyone. Being senior among whole the school is pretty cool, but worries about further studies come along with. Is it worth taking such worries in the final year of high school? Absolutely no! If you are worried about paying for college, don’t worry. You don’t have to do it alone. There are lots of grants and scholarships for high school students who are in their final year. Scholarships can help you to achieve your dream, only if you work little hard to get it.

Worried that you are not in final year not? Scholarship are available for high school students despite their year in school. There are number of scholarships for high school junior along with the scholarships for the High school seniors. Few of them also help you to spend money before you start college, which means you can have fun with the money you get for college. Don’t you think it is amazing? You will be surprised by hearing that if you start your scholarship search earlier, there is higher chance for you to find the scholarship you need.apply for scholarships

Mostly, high school scholarships are awarded on the basis of your grades in junior year or overall grades after you finish. But few scholarships are independent of the grade you have got, like sports scholarships for high school students. You don’t need fancy scores to get sports scholarship, but average 2.5 GPA is must. If you are not much of sports person, you can apply for need based scholarship and other high school grants. There are number of grants and scholarship, but how to find the one you need? How do you find you are eligible for such scholarships?

Though it seems like you have been preparing for college your whole school life, you might still be confused about getting scholarships. But, don’t worry amigos, I am here to take you on the adventure of finding High School Scholarships. Just follow the following basic steps and you are good to go.

Pay attention to study in Junior and Senior year of High school:

The first step toward getting scholarship is always maintaining your grades. Though grades are not always helpful they can make you winner most of the times. So, pay attention to your studies properly in High school. Remember to focus properly on the subject which you are going to take as a major later. Also, take college preparation course after the high school.

Prepare and take tests:

Another factor that decides amount of scholarship in United States is your test scores. Standardized Aptitude test (SAT) and American College Test (ACT) are two main scholarship tests in US. Both of them are held by Be sure that you are preparing for those tests as they are obligatory in scholarship application in almost all colleges. You can register and take tests via You can take test in junior year of your school, and if you are not satisfied with your scores you take again in your senior year. You must take preparation courses in school for those tests.apply for scholarship

Make your application ready and Apply:

None is going to provide you scholarship no matter how intelligent you are, unless you apply. Final step of getting scholarship is applying for scholarship.collegeboards

Find the scholarship that is suitable for you. can help you to find the college and scholarship you need, always visit CollegeBorad website. Make sure that your documents are ready and you have final test score reports. Recheck again, and submit with application essay. Remember that scholarship application plays very vital role in your college application. So, keep it very real and nice.

Before you apply for scholarship from high school, consult scholarship counselor in your school. They can provide you better idea about finding scholarship and process of applying.

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