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By | January 18, 2016


World is corporate now. Everything runs on Business and money, and of course there is need for good leadership and business skills to handle all the money out there. Since, there is very high demand of witty Business Minds, MBA or Master in Business Administration may be the best career choice for 2016. MBA. MBA is not only fancy career choice but there are also lots of scholarships for MBA out there. You can definitely find one suiting you.

scholarship for mba

Though there are lots of scholarships available for MBA from many colleges. It may not be very good choice to go randomly. So, by sitting with our team here at we have compiled highly accredited MBA colleges and scholarships for MBA 2016 just for you. However, those scholarships are also for both students of developed nation and developing nation. Top 10 scholarships for MBA in 2016 from Europe are,

Nottingham Developing Solutions Scholarships

University of Nottingham is one of the best for MBA and provides significant amount of financial aid to MBA scholars. UK based University has highly accredited course and deadline for admission is 22 May 2016. Course generally starts from the September every year.

UTS scholarships for MBA

University of Twente from Netherlands also offers significant number of scholarships. Deadline for both scholarships and MBA admission in University is 30 Dec 2015(Unfortunately gone for this year). But there is always next time.

MBA scholarships from Swedish Institute

Swedish Institute Scholarships for MBA are also highly common and famous for the amount they offer. The admission is must to have scholarships, so you should apply before 20 jan to 13 Fab 2016 to grasp the opportunity.

Pershing Square Foundation Scholarships

Pershing Square Foundation offers graduate scholarships to eligible business students if they apply for scholarships before 18 jan to 8 March of coming 2016. So, hurry up to study in UK with Oxford Pershing Square Foundation Scholarships.

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VU University Amsterdam

VU University Amsterdam also takes significant numbers of scholars for MBA every year. The deadline for application of VU University Scholarships is Febraury First 2016. Do you have your documents ready?

The Hague University of Applied Sciences

You might have noticed that Netharlands is full of MBA schools and scholarships for MBA. Hague

University of Applied Sciences also offers MBA scholarships to students who apply before 31

March of Upcoming 2016. You can begin your course in September if you get scholarships.


IMD MBA scholarship for Developing Markets or Countries

IMD MBA scholarship is new Swiss scholarships scheme for the students from the developing    countries. The deadline for the submission of your application form is September of every year.

MBA scholarships from University of Sydney

University of Sydney offers scholarships to deserving MBA scholars as Sydney Achievers

Scholarships every year. It is very attractive scholarships and candidate who apply before 8 Jan

2016 are eligible for the scholarship in the intake of September 2016.


Jim Ellert MBA scholarships

IMD Switzerland also offers MBA scholarships in the name of Jim Ellert. It is very competitive

And has attractive offers for students. But to qualify for scholarships, you must not be late than 30

September 2016. If you are reading this in January you have lot of time to prepare for.


Oxford Scholarships for MBA Scholars

Well, you cannot name top MBA scholarships without excluding Oxford. Oxford offers various

Scholarships to those who want to do MBA from Oxford. Be sure to apply before with 23 Jan 2015

To be considered for scholarship.


Note: Above list only consist of list of scholarships for MBA in Europe. There are number of other

Scholarships for MBA. Subscribe to to get updates and find your best scholarships.

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