Scholarships for Nepalese Students 2016

By | January 20, 2016

2016 has brought too many good things to everyone. Especially Nepal. 2015 was not very good year for Nepal.  Massive Earthquake and several small quakes killed many people and broke the heart of those who lived. Many schools were closed and destroyed. Ok, that all let’s not talk about past too much. We know past year was bad for almost every student in Nepal, but let’s find out all scholarships for Nepalese students 2016.

scholarship for neplease student in 2016

We know that there are lots of scholarships for Nepalese students inside Nepal, and you know all about them. Here we are going to figure out all international scholarships for Nepalese students in 2016. Following are few scholarships for Nepalese students 2016,


International Student Scholarships from York University

York University of Canada knows what has occurred with Nepalese student in 2015, so there are lots of scholarships for Nepali students as well. Even though, Nepali students will be given priority scholarships are not separated only for Nepalese students. To start your journey of College from York, you have to apply before 15 February 2016. Scholarships at University is for Bachelor’s degree in natural sciences and education.

Monash University International Merit Scholarships

Monash University also offers scholarships to Nepali students according to the merit system. Though the system of Scholarships is not just biased for Nepalese students, Nepalese students will be given few advantages. To study in Monash Unieristy, you must have permit to study in Australia first. If you are willing to study in Monash University be sure to apply before 15 March or 15 June of 2016. This Scholarship is for Bachelor’s degree at University.

Bocconi University Scholarships in Italy for International Students

Italy is very lovely place to study both with its developed education system and beautiful places. If you are wishing to run to Italy for studies from Nepal. Bocconi is definitely the place to apply. Bocconi University offers scholarships to many International Students as a fellowship and award. To study in Bocconi University be sure to apply before July 2016.

Global Scholarships Programme from Lund University

Lund University Sweden also offers scholarships to international students form many countries including Nepal. You must apply before January 2016 to start your college with Lund University.

Fellowship program for Nepalese student from Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Denmark also offers scholarships to international students who are willing to study in Denmark. Needless to say, Denmark is beautiful and excellent place to pursue your higher education. Scholarships are provided by Danish Ministry of foreign University. So, you can also apply for scholarship from Danish Embassy in your country. Scholarships are provided to fellows and researcher and deadline for application is Jan 2016.

Cambridge International Scholarships for Nepalese Students

Cambridge University is very awesome and history place to pursue higher education. Cambridge University Offers Scholarships to deserving Nepali Students who are willing to study there. Cambridge University is located in UK offering world class education. Cambridge offers both full and partial scholarships according to needs of students. Deadline for the application submission is Dec 2 Annually.

Amsterdam Excellence Scholarships

University Of Amsterdam is situated in beautiful city of Amsterdam and offers quality education to students. Amsterdam University offers scholarships to International Students if you are willing to be there. You must fulfill their eligibility requirements to read and apply for scholarship in University. Deadline for the submission of application is 15 January 2016.

Scholarships from Swedish institute

Swedish Institute is highly recognized place to study in Sweden. And, it offers considerable scholarships to international students. If you are willing to study in Sweden, it may be best choice for you. If you want to study in Swedish Institute you must apply before 20 Jan to 1 Feb 2016.

scholarship for neplaese students

So, fellow students above are few scholarships available for Nepalese students. There are number of other scholarships too. Subscribe to to find out more.

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