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By | January 16, 2016


Nothing can beat Nepal in terms of natural resources and beauty. Being developing country in the world is challenge in itself, and so is for Nepal. Though education system of Nepal is fine, there are many flaws and many courses are not available to study such as Aerospace engineering, Aeronautics, Nanotech and etc. That is the reason many Nepalese students are diverted towards the abroad destination for studies. And world welcomes Nepalese students. Here in this guide, I am going to help you to pursue your dream of studying abroad. Let’s find what and how many scholarships for Nepalese Students are available out there.

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Actually, there is no specific scholarship in any abroad studies in which only Nepalese are allowed to apply. Of course, it is true for every nation. If you are searching for such completion you should apply for scholarship in embassy of nation you want to read from the Nepal. It will decrease your competition for scholarships. But there are scholarships in which Nepalese students are prioritized over other students. Alike any other students of developing countries Nepali students too can compete in open International Scholarships.

Scholarships which are offered to Nepalese students are,

  • Full Bright Scholars Program– USA

Full Bright Scholars program is offered by USEF-Nepal, which is the branch organization of Education USA. This is launched for those students who have complete there Bachelors from Nepal and want to pursue master in USA. Full bright scholarships covers all the cost of attending college in USA, even plane fair to reach USA. But only few students are awarded for this scholarship every year. So, be sure your percentage matches up requirements by USEF.

You can apply for Full Bright Scholars program from official website of USEF Nepal i.e.

  • Fulbright Senior Scholar/Artist Program:

This program is also hosted by USEF Nepal and it is launched to people who have set of skills in Art. Artist with excellent recognition are encouraged to apply in such courses.


  • Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program:

This fellowship program is hosted by USSEF and it is targeted to mid- career professionals who have completed their graduation from Nepal. This is non degree course and students go to United State for one year graduation to accumulate experience in their related field. You can apply for fellowship program from the official website of USEF.


  • Japanese Embassy Scholarship:

Japanese embassy Nepal offers scholarships to 5 students who are brilliant in academic background. Selected candidate can study in Japan without any cost. Candidates are selected by entrance examination, you must submit application before April 3 every year.


  • American University Emerging Global leader award: USA

This award is awarded to student who is highly strong in academics and has strong potential to bring positive change in the society. You can pursue your degree in either US or Nepal after you get scholarship. Scholarship amount is $1500 per year for four years. Application deadline is 15 Dec 2015.

  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships: Canada

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship is awarded to international student who is going to pursue full time course in Canada. You should have offer from Canadian University to pursue master degree. This scholarship covers all the cost of attending college in Canada including travel costs. Application deadline is November 4 2015.


  • Several Scholarships from USA

USA offers many international scholarships for Nepalese students. Many university have prioritized Nepali students in several scholarships. Some of such scholarships are,

  1. Rotary International Peace Scholarship
  2. Harvard Fellowship Scholarships
  • United world College International Youth Scholarships
  1. New York University Scholarship
  2. Need based Scholarship from MIT
  3. Need based scholarships from University of Mississippi

Note: There are many other scholarships except the one listed above. Nepali student are considered as brightest student in the world, so most Universities give need based scholarship to Nepalese students. Be sure to check on the official website of college or University. And as always, may odds be on your side for your scholarship.





12 thoughts on “Scholarships for Nepalese Students

  1. Neha Mahato

    i m nepalese but have completed my 10 and 12 th from india.
    and now my family cannot afford so much for my further studies.
    so can i get scholarships for Either or law to study abroad.??

  2. Sumandon

    Can i get 100% scholorships to study aeronoutics in usa

  3. Rohit

    I want to study BSC CSIT and i want to apply with scholarship. How can I apply in any one of above scholarship in which i am eligible….

    1. allscholarshipdotnet Post author

      First, you need to find the university for the relevant courses. Then other requirements can be manually unravelled

      Thank you

    1. allscholarshipdotnet Post author

      There are various process and methods for that. Do check our website in details and you will find what you are looking for.

      Thank you

    1. allscholarshipdotnet Post author

      There are the high chances for the scholarship with the score you made. You can apply anywhere based on your prefrences

  4. Tauleshwar Nath Gupta

    Hello Sir/ Madam
    Here i am Tauleshwar Nath Gupta from Nepal. I recently completed my graduation (BBA) from pokhara university.I got the cgpa 2.86 out of 4 i.e 71%. I want to study MBA program in abroad any country with full scholarship. If there is any scholarships available then please inform me.
    Thank you.


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