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By | May 17, 2015

I think it’s safe to say that all of us have wanted to study abroad at some time. While the some of you might have managed to achieve it, others weren’t so lucky. The first thing in anyone’s mind before considering to study abroad is “costs”. As much as the thought is intriguing, opening possibilities to a wide variety of opportunities and experiences, studying abroad could cost a hefty amount and that usually forces us to shut down our dream and snap back to reality.

But, studying abroad has been considerably easier in the recent years compared to the past. There are wide varieties of study abroad programs offered by universities for foreign students. These study abroad programs include financial aid package offered by universities under different categories along with the scholarships the students deserve.

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Study Abroad

Study abroad scholarships are basically financial – monetary awards offered to the students to assist them in the course of their study abroad programs. These study abroad programs can be used by the students to pay for their travel costs, course, books and lodging costs. While these study abroad scholarships/programs can prove a great deal for students and help students to even study abroad for free, but not all study abroad programs are so easy to achieve. Some study abroad programs are quite competitive, well, who doesn’t want to study abroad for free, while others are often underutilized.

Study Abroad scholarship programs

The following ranking is based on internet survey and academic popularity of institution, you can apply for scholarship programs at the time enrollment. Below mentioned colleges offers some of best Abroad Study Programs for the student all around the world.

  1. Guilford College
  2. Emerson College
  3. University of Evansville
  4. Millsaps College
  5. Goshen College

Most of the students are already aware about the prospects of studying abroad, but some might still be contemplating on the idea of studying abroad – Why study abroad? If you are one of those wondering “Why study abroad?” let’s look on some factors; new place, new university, new friends, new culture, basically a new experience overall. In a student’s perspective, I doubt that there is anything that could ruin your experience while doing study abroad programs. Of course, the scholarships and aids are hard to come by, but there are university personnel dedicated to assist students on how to study abroad. some of the basic study abroad programs are merit based, destination – specific, program – specific and so on. If you eligible according to university requirement on your level then you can apply for it.

Students needn’t necessarily get discouraged about the hefty payments required for the study abroad programs. The study abroad scholarships are extremely helpful, and also thorough knowledge of how to study abroad and why study abroad is exceedingly important.

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  1. akamadi .b. Johnson

    Sir/ma, i will be the most grateful person in the world if I get the admission. I do appreciate for this opportunity. God bless u.

    1. akamadi .b. Johnson

      Sir/ma, i will be the most grateful person in the world if I get the admission. I do appreciate for this opportunity. God bless u.


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