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By | July 16, 2015

Canada is one of the developed countries and has also been the preferred destination for non – resident Canadians. Many students and job seekers have migrated to Canada. Study in a well – developed country could open up a new range of possibilities for the future. But the prospects of studying abroad are not as easy it sounds. But, it’s definitely an experience everyone should try once in life.

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Study in Canada

Applying for studying in Canada is pretty much the same as applying for study in any other countries.

  • If you are not from any English speaking country, you will need to verify your English proficiency with certain tests.
  • You will then need to apply for college in Canada, and once you are accepted, you will need to go ahead with the visa process.
  • You will probably need to send the admission and college tuition fees to the university beforehand.

Even applying for forms can seem a lot of trouble if you try to do everything yourself. It is best to take help from experienced seniors or any consultancies or agencies dedicated for these kinds of work. Also, it is best to visit the Canadian Embassy or Consulate office to know more about Canada, environment and so on.

Travelling alone is pretty expensive, and migrating to another country to study is a whole different matter. Students will need to take care of the lodging, study expenses, tuition’s and juggling between all this along with the courses can be extremely exhausting. Luckily, students can apply for free scholarships to study in Canada. These free scholarships are provided by universities or various organizations depending upon student’s Excellency, financial need or other criteria.

Any non – resident student who wishes to study in Canada must have a study permit for Canada. Study permit Canada is the government authorized permission letter that is provided along with the visa certifying that the student is eligible to stay in Canada and study. Study permit also determines the eligibility of the student to work in Canada and the working hours are determined. To apply for Study Permit Canada, students must visit the Canadian Embassy or the Consulate office in their country.

Free study in Canada is not easy. Free scholarship for study in Canada is hard to come by, due to tough competition. It is best to apply early as the aid programs are limited. But, once the student manages to get the study permit Canada or even scholarships, they will be opening themselves to the new range of opportunities and experiences.

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