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By | January 15, 2016

Graduate scholarships for students are significantly greater in number than undergraduate scholarships. But undergraduate scholarships are no less in number than graduate scholarships. There are number of undergraduate scholarships available in every college and universities around the world for deserving students. Are you one of them? If you are, it will be very easier task for you to claim those scholarships. But what makes you eligible for undergraduate scholarships.

undergraduate scholarships

Most of the undergraduate scholarships are provided on the basis of High School grades, and scholarship test scores. But, some of scholarships are also need based scholarships. Need based scholarships cover almost every cost for attending college. So, to be eligible for undergraduate scholarships, you either need to have very good test scores and grades or you must fall under the criteria of need based undergraduate scholarships.

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Free Scholarships

Graduate scholarships are best known for covering all the costs of scholarships, but only few of undergraduate scholarship do that. Full undergraduate scholarship are hardship to find. If you are searching for scholarships in USA, it is fairly simple. You can go through collegeboard.org, but when it comes to finding scholarships in Europe it is little confusing. Here I have listed few undergraduate scholarships for college studies. You can pick any one, which suits you.

  • International Undergraduate Scholarship at Melbourne University

Provided by: Melbourne University                         Deadline: 1 Nov 2015

Nation: Australia


  • International Entrance Scholarships at Humber College

Provided by: Humber College                                 Deadline: 25 May/ 25 Oct 2015

Nation: Canada


  • Scholarships from University College London (Dennys Holland Scholarship)

Provided by: University College London                Deadline: 10 July 2015

Nation: United Kingdom


  • First year Scholarships for Undergraduate Student at University of Canterbury

Provided by: University of Canterbury                    Deadline: 15 Aug 2015

Nation: Australia


  • International Achievers Scholarship at University Of Sydney

Provided by: University Of Sydney                        Deadline: 30 May/ 19 Jun 2015

Nation: Australia


  • International University scholarship for international students at Australian National University

Provided by: Australian National University          Deadline: 29 Jun 2015

Nation: Australia

  • International Ambassador Scholarships at University Of West London:

Provided by: University Of West London           Deadline: 17 July 2015

Nation: UK


  • Full International scholarships From University of Westminster :

Provided by: University of Westminster            Deadline: 1 May 2015

Country: UK


  • Study Grants and Scholarships at University of Bologna for International Students:

Provided by: University Of Bologna                  Deadline: 31 March 2015

Country: Italy


  • University Undergraduate Scholarships in USA
  1. Fellowships for International Students at Hubert Humphrey University.
  2. International Peace Fellowship from Rotary USA
  3. Emerging Global Leader Scholarship from American University
  4. Stanford MBA scholarship for African Students
  5. Full Bright Foreign students Program for International University
  6. Mastercard Foundation Scholarships for African Students
  7. East-West Center Scholarships for Asian students

Note: Deadline of application for applying undergraduate scholarships in USA is almost same. It is twice a year, one before November for early action and Before January for Regular decision.

Unlike graduate scholarships, many undergraduate scholarships do not cover all the cost of attending college. Many scholarships are only focused toward providing tuition waivers. So, if you want scholarship which is going to cover your entire funding for the college- you should go for grants. There are many undergraduate grants available in USA for both national and international students. You don’t need to repay grants. Additionally, grants are need based so they cover your financial need for college without set of rules like scholarships. This means in scholarship you have maintain certain GPA if you want to keep receiving scholarship. Fortunately, that’s not the thing with grants.


Undergraduate scholarship are your first attempt to go to college. Make sure you are not going to ruin this by carelessness. Apply carefully and win scholarship.



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