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By | April 14, 2016


If you’ve been planning to earn a scholarship in any of your aspired universities, then I am pretty certain that you are looking all over the internet to learn about How to write scholarship applications. Let me first assure you that, you have just landed on the right article. Firstly in this article, I will not just give you the incredible insights on how to write a scholarship application letter but also mention the winning scholarship essay examples.

Actually, keeping scholarship application letter into an exception, there are also literally many other factors that determine whether you are a right candidate for the scholarship or not. Scholarship evaluation boards take lots of information into the consideration. For instance, the decision on you receiving the scholarship will be based on certain factors like academic excellence: language skills, high grades, fair overall academic records, and skills or on economic factors: family background, low income etc. So, if you’re overall performance on these certain factors is incremental along with the scholarship applications you have written following the below guidance – hence, there is nothing to impede you from receiving the scholarship.How to write scholarship applications, scholarship applications

Since, there are not many ways for me to help yours with your academic excellence, and economic factors. But, I assure you, the following tips would definitely come with great avail to get you the scholarship applications. Here are the tips on how to write a scholarship essay about yourself.

3 Major tips on How to write a scholarship application letter

Almost every university requires you to write a scholarship essay about yourself, in which you should mention many significant things like the major reason you are applying for the scholarship program, and how could the scholarship program help you accomplish your career objectives. So, rigorously follow the below-mentioned tips to write winning scholarship letter.

  1. The first tip is: Clearly explain why you are the best one for the scholarship. As you know, the scholarship application is an ideal opportunity for you to delineate your major strengths from both professional and educational perspective. You should also mention about your plans for future career growth. Likewise, the reasons why you would be suitable for this scholarship and how it would benefit you if selected.  It is must to be aware of having mentioned these points, along with examples if possible.
  2. The second tips: Maintain a clear structure; write in a formal tone, along with the correct spelling and grammars. Unlike other applications, scholarship applications must follow the written guidelines such as the writings should be concise, clear and in a formal tone. On the other hand, implement double recheck for any spelling or grammatical mistakes. Another best way to make sure you submit a successful scholarship application is to ask your peers or mentor to meticulously read it before sending. This will undoubtedly minimize any accidental spelling or grammatical errors, and can also help you to weed out any irrelevant or redundant information from the application.

3. The third tips: It is considered as the most important part of writing scholarship applications, and i.e. knowing who your audience is. The scholarship boards who are going through your application are seeking for the best candidates. So, it’s crucial to read the application carefully and write what application requires. Likewise, you might also research the about the scholarship program. Researching about it can give you some significant background regarding writing the applications.

4. The fourth or the final imperative tips: Make certain to match your application to the context. As you might have already known that there are various situations of scholarship applications in which you would be solicited to write. For instance, you may be applying for admission to a university. Or you may be applying for the scholarship to lessen the tuition fees.

So, if you writing the application for admission, then you should start a scholarship essay with Formal address and greeting. Then, write a short paragraph addressing your academic achievements and skills. In the following paragraph, you should explain the major reasons why you would require a scholarship for your studies. Likewise, in the third paragraph, you should mention about how the course you are applying for will greatly avail you achieve your objectives. Finally, close the applications with the formal farewell.

On the other hand, if you’re writing the scholarship applications requesting lessening the tuition fees, there are a few facets you should mull over. The introduction should be similar to the above example. However, in the second paragraph, you should mention about your financial condition, and why you require the scholarship for mitigation of tuition fees. In a third paragraph, you can explain the reason being studying at the institution and how the course would avail you in accomplishing your career university scholarships

Nevertheless, if you carefully keep these significant guidelines into consideration while writing the scholarship applications, then you can be assured that your scholarship program is competent for being successful applications.

Besides, these guidelines, it is also necessary at the same time to carefully follow the proper formatting rules. These rules include, your applications should be at least two to three pages in length, double spaced, times new roman font family with 12 point font size, and one inch top, bottom, and side margins. You may not be aware of this but all scholarship applications also require your resume, and it will review by the board just as carefully as your scholarship application. Your resume may have some relevant experience and skills you gained which can be plus point to ensure success for the scholarship. Similar to your scholarship applications, it is the must for your resumes to be concise, clean, consistent, and is photocopy / scanner ready.

With all mentioned and written regarding how to start a scholarship essay, now let me present you some winning scholarship essay examples that you can facilitate for your next scholarship applications.

Sample scholarship application letter

Please click on the below image to see the sample.How to write scholarship applications, sample scholarship applications

Image of the sampleHow to write scholarship applications, scholarship applications

To conclude the scholarship application is written to present your major strengths, academic skills and goals. Likewise, you should simultaneously make sure to communicate all of these in your application to accomplish the triumph.  



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